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Major research interests: .

1. Molecular phylogenetic reconstruction, with special emphasis on the rice tribe and genus, more...  

2. Population genetics and speciation of wild rice more...        

3. Origin and genetic diversity of the cultivated rice more...       

4. Conservation genetics with emphasis on the rare and endangered plants more...       


Major research projects:

1.  Artificial Selection and Domestication of Rice
NSFC Major Project. #91231201; 3.2 M RMB; 2013.1-2016.1

2.  Adaptive Radiation in Grasses and Its Evolutionary Consequence.
NSFC Major Project. #30990240; 10.0 M RMB; 2010.1-2013.12

3 .  Origin and Evolution of Domesticated Plants and Animals.
National Basic Research Program of China (973). #2007CB815704; 4.55M

4 .  Studies on Ecological Genetics of Small Populations in Plants.
CAS Knowledge Innovation Program. #KZCX2-YW-414; 2.0M RMB; 2007.01-2009.12.

5 .  Hybridization and Polyploidy in the Rice Genus (Oryza) and Its Evolutionary Significance.
NSFC Major Project. #30430030; 1.45M RMB; 2005.1-2008.12

6 .  Studies on Species Biodiversity and Conservation of Important Biological Resources.
Program for Key International Science and Technique Cooperation Project of P.
R.China. #2001BC003; 4.5M RMB; 2002.4-2007.3.

7 .  Plant Evolutionary Biology,
NSFC Program for Excellent Research Group. #30121003; 7.5M RMB; 2002.1-2007.12.

8 .  Phylogenetic Reconstruction and Molecular Evolution of the Selected Plant Groups.
CAS Knowledge Innovation Program. #KZCX2-SW-101A; 2.0M RMB; 2007.01-2009.12.

9 .  Molecular Phylogeny and Molecular Evolution of the Genus Oryza. --
Chinese National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scientists--NSFC. #30025005;
0.8M RMB;2001.1-2004.12.


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