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Ge, Song

Two questions have intrigued me for a long and will passion me further:
Could we live that well if we had no rice?
Can we live much better if we have more kinds of rice?



Zhang, Fu-Min
Associate Professor

Population genomics is quite new as a discipline, in which large-scale genomic data are analyzed usually with large computer servers to detect population genetic variation across genomes. So far, Population genomics has show great potential in many research fields, such as medicine, ecology, genetics and evolutionary biology. Currently I am working on rice population genomics, which aims at understanding evolutionary processes and mechanisms of rice and its close related species.



Zou, Xin-Hui
Associate Professor

I was always fascinated by the charming plants and animals in my childhood. Fortunately, at present I'm engaged in the related work to decipher the biodiversity in the world, even though what I'm working on is just the tip of the iceberg.


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Han, Jing-Dan
(2017-   )

I received my Ph.D. degree in 2017 in Prof. Guang-Yuan Rao's lab, Peking University. My research interests include evolution and functional differentiation of flowering genes associated with multiple flowering pathways in rice.



Cai, Zhe
(2016-   )

I was deeply attracted by the shape of phytoliths in the grass and wondering why they could be diversity in different species.


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Wang, Qian
M.Sc. Candidate (2017-   )

Taking molecular experiments always inspire me a lot, which stimulate me to make it perfect.



Li, Ning
M.Sc. Candidate (2016-   )




Wang, Xin
M.Sc. Candidate (2016-   )

Charles Darwin drew "the tree of life" and plants know the answer to life, that's what makes the evolution so interesting.



Zhang, Sha
M.Sc. Candidate (2015-   )

I am interested in the causes and consequences of evolutionary adaptation. My current program is about Gene Expression Evolution of Gibberellin Metabolic Pathway in Rice



Jiang, Shuai
M.Sc. Candidate (2015-   )

For rice£¬thou nice.



Geng, Mu-Fan
M.Sc. Candidate (2014-   )




Meng, Qing-Lin
Ph.D. Candidate (2013-   )

I am always interested in how the QTL works during the sympatric speciation and the pattern that they distributed in the genomes.



Wang, Mei-Xia
Ph.D. Candidate (2013-   )

I am curious about the expression patterns and genetic subdivision of different cultivar groups during rice domestication and improvement.



Wang, Xiu-Hua
Ph.D. Candidate (2013-   )

Evolution is like a huge encyclopedia containing all-embracing. I'm glad to learn an important chapter about speciation. Using genomic data to reveal evolution of parallel speciation is full of fun and challenge.



Xu, Xun
Ph.D. Candidate (2012-   )

XU xun, born in 1989, is working on molecular evolution, population genetics and reproductive isolation.
Always seek for more areas to dive in, to reach the frontier of my own capacity and see how wide the territory will be.



Ren, Ning-Ning
Ph.D. Candidate (2011-   )




Du, Yu-Su (Homepage)
Ph.D. Candidate (2011-   )

Molecular evolution and phylogenetic study of the flowering gene of wild rice



Zhou, Lian
Ph.D. Candidate (2010-   )

I am interested in Heading date 1 (Hd1), an ortholog of Arabidopsis CONSTANS, which is the upstream regulator of the florigen gene Hd3a.



Jing, Chun-Yan
Ph.D. Candidate (2010-   )

My work is about molecular evolution of the gibberellin metabolic pathway genes in rice.


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Jin, Feng
(2017-   )



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